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Getting married is one of the great events in your life. It’s exciting. It’s empowering. It says to the world “I have chosen to share my life with this person, and we want to celebrate.” Wedding Republic stands for giving couples the power to chose the kinds of wedding gifts they want. The ones they really want.
Because it’s not just about gifts.
Every couple has a vision of how they want to live their lives together… and Wedding Republic is where they can make it happen. A place where a couple can come together, and start their life together, and build their future together.

What We Do

Wedding Republic is an online cash wedding registry offering a unique alternative to traditional wedding registries. It’s a better option for couples, because it gives them the freedom to choose the gifts they really want. From honeymoons to house down payment – nothing is off limits!
It also provides friends and family a fun and convenient way to give. Wedding guests can view the couples wish list and contribute cash towards something they know the couple will appreciate. WR’s signature puzzle piece feature also provides group gifting for more expensive gifts, allowing guests to contribute what they can afford towards big-ticket items.
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A Registry Your Guests Will Love
With Wedding Republic, guests can see what their contribution is going towards. It's a fun and convenient way to give a gift that is meaningful for them and useful for you.

Redeem Cash For Gifts Posted
By registering for cash, couples have the ultimate flexibility. If you don’t need more "stuff" or you're not sure exactly what you do need, a cash wedding registry is the perfect solution.

Register For The "Big Stuff"
With WR's signature Puzzle Peice feature provides group gifting so couples can register for big ticket items and guests can chip in, contributing what they can afford. 

Easy To Create, Share and Manage
You can set up your registry in minutes and once you've shared it, friends and family can contribute. You'll also see a detailed list, so thank you cards will be quick and easy.

Secure Payment Processing
Security is our top priority. Wedding Republic uses a secure payment gateway and 256-bit SSL certification to ensure that all financial transactions are conducted securely.

Why Wedding Republic?

Weddings have changed and engaged couples today are at a different stage in their lives than engaged couples a decade ago. We recognize that and have broken free of the traditional registry model to something that makes sense for you – the couple.
Instead of buying gifts you may not want or need, loved ones contribute cash towards what really matter to you - the important things in life. That doesn’t mean you can’t include a coffee maker on your WR registry but you have the flexibility to include things like your house down payment and honeymoon as well.  

Even wedding etiquette experts agree that cash is an ideal gift. What’s the key to “asking for” and “giving” cash? It’s important to keep the experience meaningful. Show your friends and family how you plan to use their contributions and the important role they’ll play in helping you build your future together.

Easy for Friends & Family
A WR registry makes buying a gift for your wedding easy for friends and family. They’re happy knowing you’re getting something you really want and need. Combine this with the convenience of an online gift registry, and it’s the perfect solution for guests, especially if they are living abroad.

Choice and Flexibility
WR is about giving you the ultimate in choice and the flexibility to change your mind. Since the gifts are virtual and you’re redeeming the cash value, you can use the cash in however you see fit.

Stress Free
Setting up a registry at a traditional big box store can be stressful. They may not have what you need and you’re forced into making decisions before you’re ready. Since your guests are contributing cash, there are no returns or unnecessary trips to the store.

The WR Story
Wedding Republic was an idea born out of frustration. Co-founders Hana Abaza and James Kinkaid were at a point in their lives when all of their friends were getting married. And many of them were already living together and simply didn’t need (or want) many of the gifts offered through traditional registries.
They wanted camping gear. They wanted to buy a home. They’d rather climb Machu Picchu than shop for bed linens.
A better way had to exist… but until Wedding Republic, gift registry alternatives (traditional registries, universal registries, asking for cash, not registering at all) just weren’t good enough. Universal registries lacked the celebratory feel of a wedding. Checks and envelopes with cash lacked meaning and it was stressful for couples to keep track of them. And traditional registries almost always resulted in store returns, gifts collecting dust for years after the wedding, and unhappy guests when they find there is nothing left to purchase on the store registry.
Enter Wedding Republic. The goal was to create a win-win scenario: couples get what they want and guests get a meaningful and convenient way to give.
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